As a hotel or motel owner or manager you are keenly aware of the competitive market we experience today. Area Favorites has been assisting small and large chains as well as independant establishments for more than a decade and we wish to work with you too.

How does Area Favorites benefit you?

1 - Our products are FREE and personalized to meet you strictest demands. Most of our products feature your establishment name and logo prominently on the front and since they are FREE, we eliminate the need for you to order these supplies from your vendor or parent organization - saving you precious money in today's cash strapped business world.

2 - The climate today is so competitive that we know you want to stand out and offer your guests the very best. Our products help guide your guests to select businesses and professionals to fill many of their needs and desires while on the road. You are often overwhelmed with guests calling the front desk seeking advice on a good restaurant, or a nearby movie theater, or a reliable auto mechanic or an emergency medical clinic - you know this list goes on and on! Our products will relieve some of that time consuming pressure on your staff. They often provide written directions or a map illustrating how your guests can get where they want to go, further insuring a very pleasant overall experience while staying at your hotel or motel.

3 - Name recognition - often your guests will keep our materials that you are able to provide them and may use them when remembering to book their next stay with you. Even their friends and relatives sometimes see these products left over from a trip and are driven to YOUR hotel since your name is prominently featured on the front.

4 - As we mentioned before our products are FREE - what have you got to lose? Your competition may use our service - don't get left behind - you and your guests deserve the very best too!

What do we offer?

1 - Our Area Pocket Guides are a simple folded color handout that comes personalized with your hotel name and logo and can be handed out to your guests when they check into your facility. It will feature several area businesses seeking to attract your guests and can be folded down to fit into a pocket.

2 - Our hottest item - by far - is our popular  FREE hotel/motel key cardholder. This item is also personalized for your hotel, and includes an area on the front for the clerk to indicate the room number of your guest and integrates nicely with your room key. Guests and hotels love this item. Like the pocket guide, it is mobile and disposable, permitting your guests the freedom to take it out of the room, making it far easier for them to find their destination. Hotel guests, hotel managers and advertisers alike often feel this is the most valuable item we offer.

3 - The Area Favorites Vistor Guide is a color booklet designed to be left in the room, but offers your guests a sort of "mini phone" book of your immediate area. If your guests are craving Italian food, for example,the normal Yellow  Pages ad might direct them to a restaurant 30 minutes away. Most of the sponsors in your Visitor Guide will be in your immediate area, making your guests more comfortable maneuvering in an unfamiliar city. Guests are much more likely to return to your hotel for future stays if their past experiences allowed them to minimize their travel for services, meals and entertainment.

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