• Immediate income - our "quick start" program offer you very fast weekly or daily checks;
  • Superior Earning Potential - our team members enjoy the most generous compensation in the industry;
  • Weekly Subsidy - your "cushion" of comfort while you learn this business;
  • Career Opportunity - this is NOT a temporary position. This is a permanent, year round full time career offering superior rewards;
  • Management for Performers - Area Favorites is looking for top notch, professional men and women;
  • Stability - Area Favorites enjoys being a part of Cover Graphics, the youngest (although Cover Graphics has been in business more than a quarter of a century!) and largest of the major companies in our field throughout North America. We have developed a reputation second to none.
  • Product Quality - you can be comfortable knowing that you will be providing some of the finest products in the marketplace today.
  • Sales Support - we recognize the value of our sales force and do everything reasonable to promote your success. We have seasoned "experts" assigned to mentor and support you to help maximize your client service, and your income potential.


Corporate Purpose Statement

The purpose of Cover Graphics and our subsidiary companies including Area Favorites is to connect business and professional people throughout North America with their local communities and target markets. Our unique portfolio of products helps create an enhanced public image, while providing almost daily market penetration and saturation through highly effective materials distributed FREE to local schools, hotels, airports, churches, etc.

Furthermore, it is the company intent to sincerely and aggressively care for and nuture the goals, careers and activities of each individual employee and representative. It is our commitment to maximize their incomes and provide a positive and encouraging career opportunity while achieving a reasonable and fair company profit while assuring the needs of our clients are our first responsibility.


Thank you for your interest in Area Favorites. Serving North America for more than 10 years, we enjoy unrivaled success and domination in the advertising specialties market. Our leading company, Cover Graphics, provides local schools with valuable FREE and PESONALIZED school textbook covers. These covers, designed to extend the life expectancy of costly school text books. Area Favorites provides high value target marketing materials FREE to local hotels helping hotel guests to find and select the services, entertainment and dining needs they prefer.

A career path with Area Favorites would include business to business representation of our product line with an emphasis on businesses who would benefit from this advertising as well as who are age appropriate for the business and vacation traveler market. We feature merchants, restaurants, professionals - such as dentists and chiropractors and emergency care facilities, as well as a whole host of entrepenuers seeking to expand their presence in front of this highly lucrative and desirable market.

You will enjoy flexible scheduling (you are in charge of your own schedule!) but most team members tend to work normal business hours Monday through Friday. Nearly 100% of the paperwork is done at the point of sale so you will be free to enjoy time with your family, etc. without a lot of excess paperwork headaches.


We pride ourselves as the only company in our industry to offer a weekly subsidy income and offer bonuses of up to 40%. As with any good sales organization we also provide our own form of "stimulus checks" with regular contests for bonuses, trips and prizes. Contact us for more information at careers@areafavorites.com.

Why is Area Favorites a Success?

Most important is our team of professional sales people and support staff. We have consistently been blessed with nothing but the best of raw talent and hard work and it shows in our superior customer service and client retention. The bottom line though is of course VALUE and our advertisers are assured of great value for their investments. Most studies show that the average traveler spends more than $175.00 each day in the community (and those figures are OLD - this one is from about 2003! - they are significantly higher now, but we have never been accused of OVERselling and UNDERdelivering so we use old figues anyway!) With the average hotel today offering about 100 rooms or more that translates to more than $500,000.00 of consumer income that an average hotel can represent EACH month to the business community.

Advertisers agree, as demonstrated by the high renewal consistency of our services that their nominal investment is a big success. They enjoy almost daily market penetration, as well as limited or no competition from their respective fields and a hotel averaging these figures can represent more than $12 MILLION in spendable income over the course of the year. It is an outstanding opportunity for savy business and professional people!

Growth Opportunities

Area Favorites is on a great upward curve and Cover Graphics has enjoyed amazing growth over the last 25 years, but it is as result of our constant search for new additional leaders. We seek highly motivated, professional and well disciplined individuals with an overwhelming desire to succeed and serve others creating a rewarding long term career.

Managers enjoy a higher base income potential as well as production bonuses for successful team productionl. We have openings coast to coast affording opportunity for growth in multiple areas should your area already be served. It is the goal of Cover Graphics/Area Favorites to create a team of managers who are committed to offering the best service for our clients while creating a professional team environment for a successful and well compensated sales force.


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