In a strange town? Hungry, looking for fun?

Where shall we go for dinner tonight?

You are on vacation, or on a business trip in a strange town, and you just don't know where to go to get the best entertainment, the best meals or the best services for your needs -
we make it easy - just turn to:

for all YOUR needs & you too will discover where "locals" consider to be their "Area Favorites!"


Area Favorites has been connecting local businesses with hotel guests throughout North America for more than a decade. We provide FREE personalized Hotel Room Key Cardholders for local hotels. Paid for by advertising from local businesses and professionals seeking to attract the lucrative traveler market to their establishments, our custom designed key cardholders offer travelers a wealth of information about featured local restaurants, entertainment venues and valuable services. You too can enjoy the peace of knowing some of the same
Area Favorites that the locals do!


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